The Platform

Here's how we turn actions into strategic outcomes.

Keep a record of your HR actions

HR works because you're an organizational wizard - keeping track of work in planners, spreadsheets, and in your head. Let's free up some brain space!

Myriad is the first project manager built for HR. Tag your actions with budget, time, stakeholders, and impact to see what matters to you.
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See your value and maximize it

Quickly understand the big picture. See how your actions are tracking toward your personal, departmental, and organizational goals. Explore the relationship between dollars and time spent and impact on success metrics.

Work towards a better future state! Maximize your time and investments to move the people strategy and business forward.
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Automate custom reporting

Your CEO, CTO, and CFO are all asking for different information. Generate and automatically send reports with data and insights specific to each stakeholder's needs, in a language and format that speaks to them.

Build buy-in from the beginning.
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Benchmark HR actions to industry peers

See how companies like yours work. Understand how your resource allocation, goals, and impact line up with industry peers.

Combine your nuanced knowledge about your company with data points from your peers to make informed investment decisions.
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