Hot Takes with Malika (ft. Jess Stevenson)


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Malika: What's your hot take on HR right now. What's going on?

Jess Stevenson: Hot take on HR! Right now, I think would be the companies who are holding on to the idea that an employee base should be a family.

I've never really been a big fan of that one, because, you know, you don't hire and fire your family. You don't put them on performance improvement plans. Generally speaking, I can't speak for everyone's family. But I think that there's a mentality of creating a sense of community and a sense of belonging at work without having that sometimes toxic mentality of "We're a family."

Malika: yeah, love that we've actually talked a bit about that ourselves and have written a blog piece on it. So I think we're in alignment there and really agree with you that there's some differences between work and building a company culture and building, obviously, how we are with our families and some boundaries that need to be set there. So it's awesome.

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